Hunger vs. Boredom vs. Thirst

Have YOU ever had that feeling as if you were hungry but couldn’t tell?  It happens to every one, and most can not tell whether they are bored, hungry, or just need a drink of water.

Ways to tell the difference

1)  If you are bored, you are usually just looking for something to do, and most of the times you think food.  However most of the time it is your body telling you that you need to be hydrated with water (NOT soda, coffee, or beer) but water!  Next time you think you are bored, drink some water, go do an activity outside/watch tv while you wait 10 – 15 minutes and if you are still not satisfied then you are probably hungry after all.

2) Many people get that growling in their stomachs.  Most of the times I automatically think that I need something to eat.  Like I said before, wait a couple of minutes, drink some water and hey..maybe have a small snack like a handful of grapes or a small orange.  Usually this will do the trick, and your “hunger” will go away.

3) Thirst!  A lot of people including myself sometimes forget that hydration is key, and that’s  all they need.  After eating every 3 hours, I sometimes forget that I need to drink water constantly in between my meals. When I forget to do this, like many out there I think that I need a snack.  So why not try always carrying a bottle of water with you, or maybe some green tea that you brewed at home; just in case if that hunger feeling comes along out of know where.  It probably means that you are thirsty.