Unhealthy “Health” Foods

These 9 not – so – nutritious choices can fool you into thinking they are good for you.  Once you read this you might think again before eating them.

1) Wrap Sandwiches 

They are usually huge – enough for two people – and did I mention high in calories and fat.

Try This: a sandwich on whole grain or whole wheat bread. (When shopping for bread check out the ingredients!!)

2) Vegetable Chips

Sorry to break it to you, even though they contain the colors of the rainbow, they don’t count as a serving of veggies.  Even worse, they’re usually high in fat and calories.

Try this: Air-popped popcorn or dried veggies. If you still are craving dried veggies try this brand –  “Just Veggies” because they have no added fat, salt, or anything else.

3) Fruit Snacks

The amount of fruit they contain is less than 10%

Try this: A small portion of dried fruit, such as apricots or raisins. They’re denser in calories but contain more nutrients.

4) Frozen Yogurt

Everyone thinks it is “healthy” because of the word ‘yogurt’ but the reality is it’s really a high-sugar dessert.  This dessert resembles light ice cream more than plain yogurt.

Try this: To get the probiotic benefits of plain yogurt, look for the seal on the label of frozen yogurt indicating “Live and Active Cultures.”

5) Turkey Dogs

Turkey hot dogs are surprisingly high in fat—  Some even contain loads of sodium and nitrates.

Try this: A turkey breast sandwich—unless you’re really craving that hot dog flavor. If that’s the case, go for the version with the lowest amount of fat.

6) Applesauce

Yes, applesauce is delicious there is no denying this.  But sweetened applesauce is the worse.  A 1-cup serving can have up to 200 calories.

Try this: An apple instead.  Same great taste with some extra fiber.

7) Vitamin “infused” waters

These have some nutrients but are mainly packed with sugar and sometimes caffeine depending on the brand.

Try this: PLAIN H20!!  For flavor add an orange, lemon, or lime

8) Bran Muffin

Many bran muffins are big enough that they have actually two servings in one muffin. And they’re often loaded with fat, sugar, and calories.

Try this: Bran cereal with low-fat milk and fresh fruit.

9) Banana Chips

Yes, they’re made from bananas; but they’re usually fried in coconut or palm oil, unhealthy sources of saturated fat. That’s why there can be 210 calories and 13 grams of saturated fat in a serving.

Try this: A banana. You’ll get lots of nutrients for half the calories and no fat.  If you want, feel free to add some peanut butter on top for a little bit of flavor.