Losing flab, while staying toned

My friend asked me the other day “Jess what should I do, I need to lose weight but want to keep toned.  Should I do Cardio or lift weights?”

A mix of both is great!  BUT if you really want to lose that belly flab, love handles, all that extra stuff that you just don’t like, lifting is really the way to go.

Don’t be scared to try this like most girls, because they don’t want to become to muscular. Surprise that does not happen unless you want it too.  PLUS there are some major benefits from doing this.

Womens health magazine will give you the skinny on weight lifting, the benefits and how it will keep you toned and in shape!

One more thing...

Love Handles…YUCK

I don’t know about you, but I have them and am not a fan.  I want them gone by summer if not by spring break.

So I searched the web and came across a great article.  It gives you a weekly exercise plan, what you should and should not do etc.  It may sound intense but remember, if you don’t try no results will show.