How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Many cultures have wondered, “is it possible to lose weight by not working out?”  The truth is yes, (even though you should work out).  If you have a desk job, or a job to were you have hardly any time to work out except for when you need to get up to run to the restroom this is for you.

You can always lose weight just by eating healthier BUT, according to there are 4 things that you can do, that can help you achieve this goal of losing weight with out working out.

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Calories – Cut out snack foods such as crackers, chips, cookies and candy. Sweets, fast foods and fried foods should be reserved for special occasions.
  • Reduce Your Portions – Dole out servings using measuring cups, following recommended serving sizes from recipes. Eat out less often, and when you do, plan on taking some home with you, as restaurants tend to supersize their portions.
  • Fool Yourself – Load your plate with greens and veggies.  Two cups of romaine lettuce provides fiber; add carrots and other veggies and before you know it you have a plate that’s 100 calories or less (depending on dressing).
  • Drink Smarter– Approximately everyone gains 10 pounds from drinking soda each year.  Think of all the calories you could save if you drink water, milk or green tea.  Green tea has no calories and contains catechins that boost your metabolism and burn fat; and drinking a glass of water shortly before a meal can reduce calorie intake.  Read more at


So I don’t know how many of you like yoga (any type) or have even tried it; but I LOVE it.  If you ever get the chance I highly recommend you try Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga, (pretty similar.)

It is set in a 99 -105 degree room, which feels amazing (especially in the winter time).

The benefits from yoga are amazing, you get in shape, can lose weight , and did I say become toned!?  I can’t forget to mention the best part.  INVERSIONS!

Inversions can include headstand, crow, side crow, road kill.  all different types.  My first picture is an example of an inversion…side crow!

If you are wondering why I LOVE it so much, quick-fit-yoga has all the information you would want to know