Huffington Post introduces workout music

If you are like me I must have music when working out.  It gets my adrenaline going and makes the time go by faster; but every now and then I must switch up my workout music collection.

Depending on if I’m running, lifting or doing cardio, I need different music for each workout. Research shows that having upbeat tempo music makes us work harder and faster.

The Huffington Post recently added a new page to their site – the “huffpost workouts.” The Huffpost partnered with Spotify and created a page just for workout music.  They gathered playlists from top trainers, DJs, music industry executives, editors and athletes.

They have playlist, for cardio, running etc.  You must have Spotify of course, but thanks to these playlist I have definitely come across some great new workout songs.

Thanks Huffpost!

Making a difference in the world, one step at a time

Marathons, have you ever had the desire to run one?  What about 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles)? I love running but had never had the desire to run one until recently.

Last Tuesday the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) had an informational meeting on their upcoming marathon (26.2 miles) that will be held on October 14th in San Francisco California; the Nike Women’s Marathon!

*side note*  For those who don’t know much about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, they are “the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. LLS funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world and provides free information and support services.” – LLS website

After going to this informational meeting I decided I want to run a marathon. (mind you there is work involved)  I have to raise $3,200 in order to do the marathon.  Raising this money will allow LLS to continue the research to cure cancer. 75% of the money I raise will go back to LLS, while the other 25% pay for my travels to California, along with the lodging.

*side note* Depending on where your destination is, your fundraising amount may differ.

Also, to prep for the marathon LLS has a something called Team In Training (TNT).  TNT is “the largest and most successful endurance sports training program that’s helping beat cancer. With professional coaches, participants are not only physically motivated but personally challenged as well.” – LLS website

As of now I can run two miles by myself, but thanks to TNT, we will go running early every Saturday morning to train for the event.  We will start off with one mile and work our way up, until its time to run in California. (I also have to run during the week as well, it’s not a Saturday only thing.)

I forgot to mention – once the women have finished the marathon, they will be greeted by a firefighter at the finish line with a Tiffany’s necklace for them. What a great reward for all their hard work and effort put to a great cause.  Don’t you agree?

*Side note* LLS not only offer marathons, but they offer –half marathons,  triathlonshikingobstacle racing and century rides.

I can not wait to start fundraising this summer, and prove to my friends/family, but most importantly that I can run a marathon.

If you or a friend are interested in participating in any of their events, you can find your chapter and get started today!

Health and Lifestyle Tips

Health Fact

Health Fact: Sneezes clock in at 100 mph!  Sneezing sends mucus out of the mouth and nose like a rocket at over 100 mph. This is why it is necessary to cover your face when you sneeze so you don’t share the germs! 

Health Fact: Sunburns damage skin cells extensively.  How bad is it? Researchers have started that an average person can repair sunburn damage in 4 to 6 months! So use sun block! It really does protect the skin from the suns powerful UV rays 

Health Fact: Water is in everything. 75% of human waste is water! Many people believe that urine makes up for all the fluids expelled by the body but that’s not true. Stools are made of mostly water as well! This is why it’s necessary to drink a lot of water daily 6 to 8 glasses! 

ALSO 80% of the brain is waterYour brain isn’t the firm, gray mass you’ve seen on TV. Living brain tissue is a squishy, pink and jelly-like organ thanks to the loads of blood and high water content of the tissue. So the next time you’re feeling dehydrated get a drink to keep your brain hydrated.

Health Fact: Higher IQ = more dreams!  Scientists have found that those individuals with higher IQ’s dream twice as much as those with lower IQ’s. This is mainly due to the activation of the brain once the individual is sleeping. Those people with higher IQ’s are able to activate a larger mass of their brain than others.

Health Fact: Women’s hearts beat fast! Women’s hearts beat faster than men’s and this is due to the fact their average body mass is significantly smaller than a male resulting in their heart having to pump harder to get the blood to flow throughout the body.

Health Fact: Everyone’s bladder is small! A full bladder is roughly the size of a soft ball. This is why you feel like you’re going to the bathroom constantly! The bladder can old anywhere from 300 – 600CC of fluid but the urge kicks in a about 200 to 300CC.

Health Fact: Women use their blinkers. Women’s blink twice as much as men do! Think how much blinking that is! The average person though blinks 13 times a minute; this is to clear the eyes of dirt and bacteria.

Health Fact: It takes twice as long to lose new muscle if you stop working out than it did to gain it. Lazy people out there shouldn’t use this as motivation to not work out, however. It’s relatively easy to build new muscle tissue and get your muscles in shape, so if anything, this fact should be motivation to get off the couch and get moving.

Health Fact: Your tallest when your first wake up! Believe it or not, first thing in the morning is when you are the tallest! throughout the day gravity takes a toll on your joints causing them to compress, making you short! So always measure yourself first thing in the morning if you want to cheat!

Health Fact: The brain is more active at night than during the day! When the brain is dreaming and reaches REM sleep, your brain activity is at its peak!

Health Fact: Stomach acid is strong enough to burn through pretty much anything. The hydrochloric acid is one of the strongest acids on Earth, having one of the highest PH levels!

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Lifestyle Tip: Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. The body needs the water to eliminate waste and perform bodily functions such as the breakdown of fat!

Lifestyle Tip: Sleep 6 to 8 hours a night. The body needs sleep to in order for it to release the right amount of hormones throughout the day. As well sleep allows for optimum concentration and mental capacity.

Lifestyle Tip: Eat small portion throughout the day. Eating the average three meals a day doesn’t allow the body to continuously keep its metabolism high by eating 5 to 6 times a day you are forcing the body into having to continuously metabolize food resulting in more fat burning!

Lifestyle Tip: Eat 6 to 8 serving of fruit and vegetables. Each person should be eating 6 to 8 serving of fruits and vegetables. This will allow the body to receive the right amount of micronutrients it needs to fight off disease and maintain the overall bodies performance.

Lifestyle Tip: Eating higher amount of protein vs. carbs burns more fat. By consuming fewer carbohydrates in your diet you can turn your body into a fat burning furnace. This is due to the fact the body will have to use the carbs stored within once they are depleted the body turns to fat for energy. Simply by cutting out one large carbohydrate meal one can begin to see weight loss.