Plateau: Weight Loss and How to Beat It

Have you ever gone on a diet or worked out and then all of a sudden stopped seeing results?  There might be 3 reasons for this.

Possible reasons you are stuck:

  1. You’re being repetitive: The same moves and exercise schedule causes your body to become use to it all; thus slowing down or stopping any further results.

     FIX IT: by adding VARIETY! Mix up your workout schedule by changing the moves, OR completely replacing them with new ones.

2.  You aren’t doing enough: You might feel like you are doing enough, and maybe that was working.  But when it stops working what do you do?

     FIX IT: by adding more!  Yes all you have to do is add more reps or better yet cardio. Go for a run!

3. Your’e doing too much to fast: How is this possible? Well it is, and sometimes your body can’t comprehend it.

      FIX IT: by slowing down a bit!  Your body needs time to adjust to new habits and diets (if on one).


  • know your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate; the number of calories you’d burn if you stayed in bed all day.)
  • add more weight when exercising (don’t stay on the same weight level just because u can lift it.  Once you got it down, challenge yourself and lift a couple of pounds more.)
  • drink more water (remember 6-8 glasses a day)
  • eat more metabolism boosting foods