Top 10 Core Exercises

What makes up your core?  The core consists of your abdominal, back, and lower back regions. A strong and stable core is vital for good balance, proper posture, and injury prevention.

  • You want a strong and stable core so it will help to stabilize the muscles involved with balance.
  • As you grow older you want to keep a strong core so you can maintain proper posture.  This is important especially the older you get. Back pain, neck pain, and several other forms of pain can result from not having a strong core which can result in poor posture over the years.
  • Injury prevention is another amazing benefit of working the core. Of course not all injuries can be prevented, BUT most can be or at least the injury can be lessened.
  • Below are some of the exercises you can do to strengthen your core. I recommend performing twenty to as many repetitions as you can for two to three sets and as often as you can.

Click on photos to view video

Bent Arm Side Bridge – Try 30 seconds on each side
Bicycle – the slower you go the harder it is
Roman Chair: Straight Leg Raise – Try 3 sets of 20, if you can do more, Great!!
Elbow Plank  – Try holding for at least a minute.  To make it harder raise one of your legs.
Straight Leg Raises w/ Hip Raise – Do this for a at least 1 minute and you will feel the burn.
Trunk Rotation With Medicine Ball and Feet Up – 3 sets of 15; using a weight does the same thing as a medicine ball if you can not get ahold of one. (works your love handles)
V Sit – my favorite!!
Side Bending On Hypertension Machine
Straight Leg Raises – try for about a minute
Double Crunch On Bench

Become A Warrior

Running!  Not many people enjoy it, BUT what if you could make it fun?!  Would you run? Many of you have heard of triathlons, which sound like to much work for me.  However when I heard of THE WARRIOR DASH, I checked it out and immediatley decided I was going to RUN!!

Warrior Dash is not just a “race” per say.  It is more of an obstacle course.  

It is an 3.11 mile course.  While running you have to conquer 12 obstacles being

  1. Rubber Ricochet
  2. Satan’s Steps
  3. Tipsy Tightrope
  4. Deadweight Drifter
  5. Vertical Limit
  6. Assassins Escape
  7. Storming Normandy
  8. Giant Cliffhanger
  9. Great Warrior Wall
  10. Cargo Climb
  11. Warrior Roast
  12. Muddy Mayhem
The best part of this course, it supports St. Judes.  So you get a workout/ have fun/ while supporting a great cause.

For more information you can visit warrior dash’s home page,  for locations AND MORE!

How To Get Runway Ready – Victorias Secret Style

This post is going to be short but oh so sweet!

I was watching you tube workout videos earlier and came across some of the Angels workout routines.  Below are some leg, arm, core and glute workout videos, that get the girls runway ready!

Lindsay Ellington – Legs

Doutzen Kroes – Arms

Candice Swaneopol – Core

Alessandra Ambrosio – Glutes

Adriana Lima