Getting Back On Track

Have you ever tried workout after workout hoping to see results and didn’t? Last Spring I decided to try Weight Watchers; maybe it wasn’t my workout routines that was the problem and more my eating habits. To my surprise that’s exactly what it was.

I started Weight Watchers weighing 145lbs with a goal of 130lbs; I knew that I could achieve my goal but not just by eating right…I had to start exercising again. So I decided to take up yoga as well as run a 1/2 marathon. After months of hard dedication of eating right everyday and training, I was in the best shape I had ever been.

When August rolled around, I ran my 1/2 marathon and then came February and my yoga membership was up. I didn’t renew it because it was my last semester in college and I needed to focus on getting everything done and graduating. I kept eating right with Weight Watchers, but I learned no matter how healthy you eat, you need to workout to stay in shape. I stayed at my goal weight but I still wasn’t satisfied. I NEEDED to have the flat abs and muscular legs that I could show off when I wear a dress.

I decided to start eating clean (still doing weight watchers) as well as start Boxing at TITLE Boxing Club, and to get a membership at the YMCA. I can’t stress enough how happy I am with my decision. FYI – TITLE Boxing is a boot camp-style workout, and although the website says that everyone can go at their own pace, there’s definitely a vibe that you’d better keep up — which is great if you want to be pushed to get your workout on, but know that this is not a mellow aerobics class — according to the owners, if you follow everything the instructor says, the average person burns 1,000 calories in this class. Sounds great right? Well it is! It’s a total body workout. The best part is that every instructor has their own unique routine so you never get use to or bored with it.

I decided to start eating clean and be done with the frozen foods when I saw one of my old co-workers doing it. She has lost 80 pounds in the last 2 years, and has 50 more pounds to go to reach her weight. I know I don’t have that much to lose, BUT if I know what I am cooking and I can do it myself everyday, why not do it? I shouldn’t have an excuse anymore. Eating clean will help me go from thin, to FIT. I will get the toned body I have always wanted as long as I meal prep, and workout everyday. I know I can do this! Do you think you can?